Reliant Wealth Planning | Louisville, KY

Our philosophy on proper wealth planning

Money has a purpose. You as the client have the right to define the purpose. We as wealth planners help to anaylze if the purpose is reasonable and what steps can be taken to increase the probabilities of reaching your purpose. This leads to the essence of our relationship: to make you more likely to realize your financial goals with us than without us. If we have done this, we have fulfilled our mandate to you.

We are especially focused on cash flow. Financial planning, and ultimately wealth planning, boils down to money coming in, money going out, and the laws, regulations, emotions and desires that can affect such cash flows.

Raw information is no substitute for empathy or the wisdom and judgement gained through experience. We strive to comb through information to provide clients wisdom and judgment with empathy.

Computer tools and services can provide useful results, but it takes a human being to interpret, apply and make relatable to you those provided results.

In managing investment portfolios, we manage for Total Return. Total return comprises dividends, interest and capital gains. It is not unusual for retirees and their advisors to build Income Portfolios. We strongly believe this is both inefficient and causes the portfolio to become dangerously under-diversified. Those that do this either do not understand or are ignoring how sequence of returns can impact the accomplishment of financial goals, and are often exposing the client to inflation, or purchasing power, risk. A total return philosophy provides you the most flexibility and the best probability of achieving your goals.