Are We a Good Fit?

Work With Reliant Wealth Planning
Helping You grow and harvest your wealth.

Reliant may be a good fit for you if:

  • You believe that the proper planning and management of your financial resources is extremely important, but you do not have the time, desire, patience and/or knowledge to do it yourself.
  • You see value in being treated as an individual and having a personal relationship with your advisor.
  • You want to personally know and have direct access to all of the people generating the advice given to you.
  • You want to measure your performance against your progress of accomplishing your goals.
  • You desire a disciplined, process-driven solution for both your financial planning and investment management that can filter out short term market and economic “noise” and focus on the long term.

We focus on the important transition from accumulating wealth to its efficient preservation, distribution and ultimate transfer to their heirs and philanthropic interests.

Reliant may not be a good fit for you if:

  • You are mainly interested in beating the market, whether that has any relation to your goals or not.
  • You expect a financial professional to be able to predict what is going to happen next in the economy, financial markets, political landscape, etc.
  • You believe you can get objective, holistic advice from experienced, highly credentialed professionals for the lowest cost available, or even no cost at all.
  • You want a professional to be reactive to daily market and economic news.
  • You are not interested in following objective advice, are unable or unwilling to adhere to an agreed-upon plan, or do not wish to share needed information about yourself and your situation.
  • One of your benchmarks for good portfolio management is to never have your portfolio go down in value over any time frame.

We’d love to discuss if we are the right wealth planning professionals for you.