Below you with find insights and analysis Reliant Wealth Planning has prepared or curated for you. We hope these lead to you understanding your financial planning and investment options better and thus make more informed decisions.

Reliant Video Series: TAPA Strategy Update
(26 May 2020)

Welcome to summer. Attached is a link to our latest video, which is a brief discussion about the TAPA (Tactical Allocation of Passive Assets) Strategy and some recent trades.

Reliant Video Series: Actions You Can Take as an Individual
(15 April 2020)

We hope you are adjusting to the new reality of social distancing. Attached is a link to a new video we have created for clients which helps to answer the question of what can you be doing on your own behalf to improve your financial situation. The beginning of the video has a section many will find interesting that details what the stock market looks like at it tries to find it bottom during a recession.

YTD Market update and TAPA
(15 April 2020)

Our latest video in which we discuss the market year to date and some TAPA adjustments we made.

Reliant's Current Observations and Insights
(24 March 2020)

In order to help answer some of the most common questions we have been getting, Laura and I have made a short video in which we discuss the current market, where we think it is going, and actions we have taken on your behalf.

2020 Planning Updates
(7 January 2020)

2019 saw some wonderful returns in the markets. It also saw some major changes in how retirement accounts work. Attached is a document summarizing some financial planning facts many of you will find useful and interesting.

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